The health benefits of honey are numerous and well documented. Many people will recommend its use for a list of problems ranging from sore throats to energy boosters. But natural, raw honey is special. The term “raw” when it comes to honey means the stuff has not been heated, and therefore its health qualities have been better preserved. Here is a list of eight ways natural, raw honey can benefit your health.

Caution: Do not give children younger than a year raw honey, as their intestinal tract cannot handle it.

Dr. Anne Williams, ND, marries the best of East and Western medicine at Rochat Holistic Health in New York.

Williams said, “Every home should keep raw local honey in the medicine cabinet, and we should also do our best to limit the use of pesticides in our gardens and choose organic where possible (because) the bee population has been decreasing dramatically; possibly due to the widespread use of pesticides and pesticide-resistance.”

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Raw honey contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9, B12 and vitamin C. Also found in raw honey are minerals, enzymes, phenolic acids and flavonoids.
Use honey and apple cider vinegar for stomach aches, migraines and to relieve constipation.
Fight viruses and fungal infections with raw honey on the skin. Honey’s anti-viral compounds stop the growth of other harmful organisms. An article in the Journal of Food Science said in 2008 that honey has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Use raw honey as an anti-bacterial. Taken regularly honey can help boost the immune system. Add some cinnamon for relief from bladder infections and arthritis. This concoction even helps slow hair loss.
Use raw honey to relieve morning sickness. Even more effective than soda crackers, a spoonful of honey can also help ease fatigue by providing carbohydrates that will supply energy and strength.
Raw, unprocessed local honey can help fight allergies. Are you suffering because of pollen? Find some honey sold by local beekeepers who do not process it, and take a teaspoon a day. It may take a week, but you should notice a difference in your allergy levels. If you begin this a month before allergy season, you may be able to avoid reactions before they happen.
Have skin wounds? Try raw honey in a poultice and hold it over the wound or burn. It will ease the pain and promote healing. Honey’s anti-viral properties fight the varicella zoster virus (which causes rashes). Honey also might be an inexpensive way to treat viral skin infections such as varicella roster. Try it on acne as well.
Look for honey from specific plant origins. Raw honey from various herbal sources can help with an array of problems. One example is eucalyptus honey, which can help relieve cold and headache symptoms; neem honey is a prized Ayurvedic honey that can treat blood pressure, diabetes, skin conditions, periodontal infections and allergies; and linden or lavender honey is sedative and antiseptic.
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