Week 5: Ditch Sugar for Sweeter Looking Skin


Sugar Free Summer Group Q&A Call 
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 18th at 1:00 PM Eastern 

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Guest pin code: 051192# 
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5010 
Secondary dial in number: (215) 606-1815
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Amy Bader ND

Amy Bader ND is a doctor, teacher, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. She is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine, where she is now an adjunct clinical faculty member training naturopathic medical students. She has private practices in Northern California and Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her beautiful daughter. She has a passion for treating patients with chronic diseases using clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, biotherapeutic drainage, and homeopathy. She has a particular interest in working with patients who want to lose weight and feel comfortable in their bodies.

Ditch the Sugar for Sweeter Looking Skin

Amy Bader, ND

We know that sugar can affect our waistlines, and that it causes inflammation throughout the body. What you may not know is that sugar also causes premature aging of cells and organs, including your skin. Dr. Amy Bader shares with us the science of how sugar causes wrinkles and sagging skin so you can make choices for beauty inside and out.

We will learn:

  • What science currently knows about how sugar and diet effect the skin
  • The reasons sugar causes premature aging and wrinkling
  • What does the hormone insulin do to the skin?
  • What foods promote healthy, youthful skin?

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